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Amazon Brand Manager

We are flexible with where you want to work. Company meetings are held between 8am - 6pm EET.

eBrands acquires, operates and scales small to medium-sized Amazon brands. We aim for global category-winning products that are both durable and sustainable. We are well-funded, backed by Icebreaker.vc and prominent start-up founders.

We’re looking for Amazon Brand/Account Managers who have strong expertise of selling private label products on Amazon marketplaces, using FBA. We looking for passionate people who have already achieved at least, six figure sales on Amazon. If you’re currently managing your own brand, we are willing to negotiate on acquisition, allowing you to have a profitable exit while continuing to grow your “baby” among a few other brands. We expect a commitment to a full-time job. We provide full support to our brand managers, including the legal team, sourcing supply team, constant training and help from our Amazon experts. The ideal candidate would be willing to get their hands dirty in doing all it takes to grow the brands (using only white hat techniques) on Amazon marketplaces and being creative enough to respond to the ever-growing competition.

Your responsibilities would include (but likely not be limited to) 

  • Managing and growing 3-6 mid-sized Amazon FBA Private Label brands with the help of the team
  • Guiding your dedicated Assistant Brand Manager(s)
  • Creating growth plans with the management
  • Giving input to our ever-growing library of best practises documentation

How do you apply? 

Please send an email to co-founder Jonne to jonne@e-brands.co titled “Amazon Brand Manager Application” including:

1. Your CV

2. Your salary request

3. Informal application - who are you and why you would like to join us

4. Storefront link(s) of the brand(s) you are or have been managing

5. Explanation of your current situation 

6. An idea of would you like to consider selling your brand to us or not, or a mention of the fact that you don’t currently have one.

7. Results of your Amazon achievements with clear numbers - please be ready to prove this data later on

Answering all the questions is mandatory - we deal only with the people who are serious about us, so we know we need to take them seriously!

What do we do and why? 

The global marketplaces, such as Amazon and Alibaba have become the new standard for consumer retail. In 2020, over $300Bn worth of goods were sold through Amazon in the US alone. 

In addition to the traditional large consumer brands, these marketplaces have enabled an explosive growth of “garage brands” in global markets. Often these smaller brands have been started as a hobby or to provide a secondary income for entrepreneurial individuals. As Amazon and other marketplaces have enabled global customer base and 3rd party seller shipping and storage services for these small players, many of them have grown well beyond what has traditionally been possible for small business (+$500k revenue, +20% EBITDA). In 2021 the total revenue from 3rd party sellers in Amazon is expected to exceed $270 Bn. 

eBrands has been established in 2020 to identify, purchase and manage great brands among these 3rd party sellers. eBrands will develop the purchased businesses by e.g., consolidating, and optimizing sourcing and advertising of these brands. 


How do we do things? 

In eBrands, we embrace being a company with high ambition to do things bigger, better and faster, while balancing it with being highly focused on what matters. Anyone in eBrands can talk to anyone else about how to best solve the problem – and that’s how we want to keep it as we grow. If we need to make mistakes, we rather make them fast and learn. We all drive to make the company a success. 

And we want to have fun while doing it.

Who can you talk to?

If you think you are the right fit for the role, please contact us. We would love to have a chat and see if you fit in with the team. 👋 😊

Jonne Välilä

Chief Growth Officer