People make culture and culture makes business

We believe that our people are the cornerstone of our success in assembling our global company. Our ensemble of driven, expert brand architects, e-commerce and growth marketing mavens, along with supply chain virtuosos, positions us at the forefront of driving future expansion.

People make culture and culture makes business

Our company thrives on a foundation of strong values, where every individual's contribution shapes our vibrant culture. This culture, in turn, guides our business, as we lead by example, creating an environment where integrity, collaboration, and innovation are not just ideals, but daily practices. Our unique strength lies in our globally dispersed team, operating remotely from various worldwide hubs. This diverse and dynamic setup allows us to embrace a multitude of perspectives, fostering a truly inclusive and global culture. It empowers us to not only adapt to different markets and needs but also to be at the forefront of change, driving our business forward with insights and strategies that span continents. We are united in our diversity, working seamlessly across time zones to bring the best of our collective expertise to every challenge and opportunity.

Brands for a Better World

Our vision is to build a nurturing home for innovative brands dedicated to making the world feel better. We are committed to developing and supporting brands that not only improve the physical and mental wellbeing of individuals but also contribute positively to environmental health. Through our brands our goal is to impact the lives of a billion people globally, fostering a future where sustainability and wellbeing go hand in hand.

Tech powered and data driven

Demonstrating our commitment to innovation, we've developed proprietary technology that powers our brand-building capabilities. This technology-driven, data-informed approach enables us to manage and elevate the brands we operate, ensuring they are not only responsive to market trends but also pioneers in meeting evolving consumer needs.