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10 Step Guide to Exit Your Amazon FBA Business Successfully

We at eBrands are an expert team that acquires high-performing Amazon FBA businesses that have reached a natural ceiling and help grow. In exchange we allow you the freedom to reach the next step of freedom. With eBrands it’s easy to sell and exit your business.👌🏆

Here are our team’s tips that will help you exit your Amazon FBA business on a high note 👉

1.Choose the best way to sell your Amazon FBA business

There are four main options available if you’re looking to sell your Amazon FBA business. They include: marketplace, auction, broker, and direct sale. Each one of these has its advantages and disadvantages. When using a third-party sellers, they will, of course, take a slice of your sales price in return for the services they offer in handling the selling process.😬

With us, at eBrands, it’s easy to sell your business directly to us without the additional cost of middle men. Firstly, we get to the important bit straight away and get you an in-principle decision within 3 days. Once we make a deal, our integration model makes the process straightforward. 🔜🏆

2.Increase the value of your business to get it ready for sale 

A high-value Amazon FBA business is in demand. There are many buyers in the market looking to acquire successful Amazon FBA businesses. Leverage the best ways to increase the value of your business so that you can get good rates when you're exiting.

"A high-value Amazon FBA business is in demand."

3.Take care of problems before exiting 

Every Amazon seller knows that selling on Amazon is complex and the problems are never-ending. Maybe your listing got shut down or a hijacker is taking a slice of your sales. 😲

Whatever the problem is, take care of it before exiting your business so that the new company or brand owner can have a clean start. If it is a problem that you are unable to fix - be honest and communicate about it with the possible buyer.

It’s better to put all of your cards on the table at once rather than try to hide something - these problems will come out sooner or later anyway.  

4.Find the right buyer

Once you feel that it is the right time to exit, think about who you want to sell it to. You have put a lot of work into growing your business, so make sure that it’s going to be in good hands after your exit.

If you want your brand to grow in the future, make sure you sell it to hands-on professionals who have got the know-how and team to scale up your business successfully. 🔝👊

5.Think about timing

Like in any other business, an exit strategy requires good timing and the best time to exit your Amazon FBA business is when things are going well, not when you’re experiencing a downward trend.

You can sell your business even if the sales are slowing but the price is going to be lower as it is a higher risk investment for the buyer. It’s worth remembering that an exit needs to be a win-win for both parties.😊

"It’s worth remembering that an exit needs to be a win-win for both parties."

6.Get rid of products that aren’t selling

Dealing with products that aren’t selling can be a bit annoying for both your and the buyer when the time comes to exit. It is best to get rid of them and free up your working capital and prepare yourself for the exit without the burden of dead stock. 👋

7.Increase your margins

Your aim as an Amazon FBA seller is to make a profitable exit. 🤩💯 Good margins will not only help to improve your Amazon business but will also allow you to make a profitable exit. 

8.Know your numbers

Prepare your financials, you’ve got to know your numbers.👌The main thing that potential buyers look at when buying an Amazon FBA business is the financials. This gives them a clear picture of your cash flow and profitability. When considering making an exit, be sure to prepare detailed financials to give potential buyers additional information. 

9.Open conversation with potential buyers

If you’re planning to exit your Amazon FBA business, book a meeting with a potential buyer and have a conversation with them.🤑👌This way you will understand the exit process better and know your options. 

10.Establish a secure supply chain

A secure supply chain is the lifeline of an Amazon FBA business.💪 Along with helping you to win customer’s trust, it allows you to fulfill your orders in a timely manner. Therefore, establishing a great relationship with suppliers will increase the value of your Amazon business when the time for selling comes. 📈

"Go through your products and focus on what is making money and drop everything else."

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