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An eBrands Studio Case - INDO The Trick Scooter

A major growth activity we deploy throughout our portfolio is creative brand development.  While this as a continuous activity, the level of the effort directly after acquisition is dependent on the acquired brand’s channel mix and current state. As a seller, you can expect the development beginning already during migration, where our Brand Studio digs deep to understand the essence of your brand, its customers and aspiration. The brand equity you have developed over time is valued and will act as the foundation for future growth.

In this case, we're reviewing INDO The Trick Scooter, one of our more innovative sports brands. INDO had a large and loyal community behind the brand before joining the eBrands family, thus it was important for us to value the legacy of the identity when creating something new. INDO is a good example of an omni-channel brand, which reflects well eBrand's portfolio strategy.

Experience INDO here.

Audience Inspired Identity Refresh

Staying true to INDO’s identity and having consistent communication across the entire INDO experience enabled us to build trust and forge authentic relationships with our audience. It’s this bond that provides us more influence over public perception, more loyal advocates, and overall, a more valuable brand.

For us to improve the identity and approaching 'indoing' as an own sport and lifestyle, it was crucial for us to set ourselves in the minds of the main target group as well as what the group aspire to become.
Trying to get on the same level as 12–17-year-old boys made this project especially fun…

One of the early insights of the group was how they live and breath tricking. “All we can think of is how to nail the next trick” lead us to our new slogan: We Live for Better Tricks.

We wanted to reflect both the target group’s “trickster mindset” and openness to try out new things. This was exactly what the founder Aleksi had in mind when he developed the scooter: "Surely a cardboard scooter would be OK inside? No need for wheels, just a board and handlebar." This mindset had a major influence in developing our tone-of-voice.

INDO tone-of-voice is all about tricks

Zero Gravity

Both our visual and spoken language is all about the dynamic movement and the feel of zero gravity when you are high up in the air on a big trampoline spinning your board. Our graphic shapes led from the INDO logo and the “physical spins” will be used across a range of communications as well as within our product packaging. They provide symbolism, conceptual clarity and visual interest in simplistic shapes and forms.

INDO graphical shape is widely used across all materials

Let’s not be too serious... A colorful splash it is!

The INDO community’s visual language is more playful and rich when compare to the ‘older generation’. They mix different clothing styles and cultures, colourful, desaturated, baggy, tight, neat, street, K-pop, grunge, etc. They are not too materialists but value quality when it comes to gadgets and sports equipment. But for sure their parents will dig deeper into the product specs, safety and quality, so more detailed and consistent content about the product will make it look more premium.

It was clear to have a design system that scales both for the quick social content consuming “trickers” as well as the fact and safety seeking parents. On social we loosen up the guides for typography and use it more as graphical shapes, while on the website the role is “easy to read” information.

INDOs own social content is enhanced UGC

The INDO website lift has a clear INDO styled size chart

Online vs. Physical Retail

INDO’s website and Amazon Store are the main shopping windows for our brand. Here we can showcase a diverse set of content that educate and engage the viewer on the products and possibilities. As we’ve expanded INDO to physical retail, we equally needed to communicate to the consumer what the new product is about and who it is suitable for.

INDO website header video shows you in 0 sec what it is about

INDO retail visuals greet the consumer with clear visuals for each trick scooter model

We Live For Better Tricks.

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Patrik Ignatius

Head of Brand Studio

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