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Creators of eBrands - Amy Fransz

Hello! My name is Amy, I’m a Brand Manager at eBrands. My team and I currently manage seven brands in our portfolio and ensure the brands grow to their full potential post-acquisition. Whether that’s by launching in new marketplaces, new channels, launching new products, or implementing more sustainable packaging for the brands - the diversity of tasks keeps it very exciting!

What I love most about working for eBrands, is that the company works with a 100% remote team and the culture we are building with an international team. Our team members come from all over the world, which means we get to work with people from many different cultures, languages, timezones, and so on. We have a fun monthly habit in the company, where a team member shares more about their country during an all-company informal presentation, which is a nice way of grabbing a cup of tea or coffee and learning more about each other’s cultures.

Having the freedom to work from anywhere has always been an extremely important value to me. I’m born in the Netherlands, but since 2016 I’ve been working remotely from all over the world whilst traveling as a so-called “digital nomad”, and for the last four years I’ve settled down with my partner from Wales in beautiful Portugal (the sun, beach, friendly locals, great expat community, and yummy pastel de natas sold the country to me!). Working remotely for eBrands allows me to work from anywhere - whether it’s from a local coffeeshop, at home with my dog, in the Netherlands when I want to visit family & friends, Wales when visiting my partner’s family, or anywhere else. It helps me to fit my work around my life, rather than the other way around. For me, it’s one of the best perks a company can offer its employees.

What comes to remote working places, it doesn't get much better than this.

Another great benefit from eBrands culture is that all team members are free to work whenever in the day they feel most productive, what matters most are results. Of course meeting times need to be taken into account, but other than that you can work as early (hello early birds) or late as you want (hi night owls). For example, for me this means I can go to the gym in the middle of the day and work an extra hour in the morning or evening. Health & wellness is also one of the core values for eBrands which I personally highly value too - and offering this time flexibility definitely helps in making team members feel more productive, healthy, and happy at work.

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