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Sustainable Product Finalist in Global Innovation Awards

HAPPY SiNKS, one of our Nordic design brands has been given the honor of being a finalist in the sustainable products category at Global Innovation Awards!
The nominated product, KONNA, is a sustainable food fly trap. KONNA is made of high-quality Finnish wood composite
Wood gives each KONNA a unique surface pleasing to look and feel. The raw materials are from renewable sources and Finnish wood industry leftovers, so no additional wood harvesting is needed.

HAPPY SiNKS is fighting for happiness and sustainability in homecare by creating sustainable, surprising and super-useful products for cleaning, organising and for minimising bacterial contamination in the kitchen.
While all HAPPY SiNKS products are made to be über functional they also look fresh and make you want to go grab and use them as often as possible.

Congrats to the team!

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