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An eBrands Studio Case - Bodyotics

Bodyotics’ brand represents a shift in how intimate health is perceived and discussed, aiming to eliminate the stigma and foster positive change. Renewing the focus on being a supportive partner to its target audience, the brand empowers women to live without limits while acknowledging their unique experiences.

The rebranding acknowledges that womanhood is a journey characterized by change and transitions, physical and emotional. From menstruation to pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and personal growth. The experience is dynamic and ever-evolving. This essence is captured through vibrant patterns known as the ‘flow,’ symbolizing the fluctuations and diversity of womanhood.

The logo serves as a visual representation of this dynamic concept. Using a sensually designed serif typeface the logo embodies the shifting phases of womanhood. Customizing the letter ‘b’ pays tribute to Bodyotics’ flagship product, a kegel weight, while subtly hinting at the brand’s association with female bodies.

Approachability and relatability are important aspects of the brand’s identity. The use of lowercase letters throughout the branding conveys a friendly and light-hearted tone, making the brand feel trustworthy and inviting. Creating a connection with the audience, with comfort and accessibility.

The packaging design cleverly incorporates the ‘flow’ concept, enhancing the brand’s recognition and communicating its values of trustworthiness and support within the intimate wellness market. From an environmental perspective, Bodyotics demonstrates a commitment to sustainability by addressing its environmental impact. Bodyotics has successfully reduced plastic waste by transitioning from plastic containers to cardboard packaging. Through responsible sourcing and innovative solutions, the brand minimizes its environmental impact while maintaining the quality of its products.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Bodyotics expands its product portfolio to include menstrual discs as a more environmentally friendly option in menstrual care. Offering this alternative to traditional pads and tampons, which often contain non-recyclable plastics, the brand empowers individuals with periods to reduce waste and dependence on single-use plastics.

With its renewed brand identity and dedication to supporting intimate health, Bodyotics is poised to reshape the conversation around this vital topic. By eliminating stigmas, empowering women, and addressing sustainability, the brand aims to make a lasting impact on the daily lives of women everywhere.

Lead Designer: Yesica Stefanie

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