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Sell Your Small Amazon FBA Brand To Finance The Next One

Running a small Amazon FBA business comes with its own hoops and hurdles. Growing your brand to become an established business can be difficult because the higher your sales are, the more capital you have to invest in inventory.😬So it may take many years to scale up your business because maybe you just simply don’t have enough money to buy more inventory or launch new products. If you have several brands this challenge is multiplied.

That’s why it might be a good idea to sell your small Amazon FBA brand, cash out, finance the next one, and scale your business faster. 📈💥

Many sellers don’t actually consider this option because there are a few common misconceptions about selling your private label Amazon FBA brand. 👉

1.You can sell your brand without selling your whole business

Many Amazon FBA sellers have got multiple brands because it can be tricky to find good product opportunities in only one niche and make the whole product catalogue fit one brand.

Some sellers think that selling your private label brand means selling your seller central and therefore all of your other brands as well, but this is not the case. You can sell just one of your brands and keep on growing the rest of your business just like before.👌

2.Buyers want to invest in smaller brands also 

You don’t have to make 5,000,000 annual revenue in order to exit your Amazon FBA private label brand. Buyers are also interested in smaller brands with growth potential in the future.📈💎

The best way to figure out your options and valuation is to have an open conversation with a potential buyer.💪Prepare your financials and book a meeting to get an offer on your private label brand. If the potential buyer is not interested in buying your brand at the moment - you will probably get some useful tips on how to grow your business to fit the criteria of the buyer and sell it in the future. 

3.You can be a part of growing your brand even after your exit

For many entrepreneurs, their brands are like their own baby. After all the hard work you have put into growing your brand, it might feel intimidating to give it all away even if you would get a great price out of it. You don’t necessarily want to give it all away because you have put so much effort into it and maybe you have got some great plans for the future that you are just not able to execute by yourself. 

If you want to be a part of building your brand even after your exit, find a buyer that is an experienced Amazon seller and wants to grow your brand together with you. ✅ We at eBrands believe in teamwork and if this is something that you are looking for, we would be happy to discuss a possible partnership.🤝

4.Selling your brand can be a source of passive income for you

Every business owner's story is different and there are other things sellers are looking for when exiting one of their private label brands.

Some sellers want to cash out and have nothing to do with the business in the future, some want to get the exit money and be a part of growing the brand but they don’t have the time or money to do it by themselves and some sellers want to sell the brand but also benefit financially from the growth of the brand. 🤔🏆

If your brand has got a lot of potential for growth, in the right hands it can scale up to a whole different level.💥We at eBrands will grow your brand and give you an opportunity to benefit from it financially even after your exit.  

5.Selling your Amazon FBA brand is easy 

It might seem like a big process to go through, but it is actually a simple and relatively quick process when you are operating with the right partner.👌

So if you need some capital to finance your ongoing or future business - consider selling one of your amazon fba private label brands. 🤩

Thinking about selling your Amazon FBA brand?💰 We are here to help and would love to have a chat with you!👋 😊 Contact Robin Bade at robin@e-bands.co

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